Pets bring incalculable joy to our lives – joy that is hard to measure in mere dollars. Even so, the costs associated with owning a pet can be measured in dollars, and the price tag can be quite high. Between the ever-rising cost of veterinary care and the price of quality food, owning a pet can be an expensive proposition.

No matter what kind of furry, feathered or scaly friend you have welcomed into your home, there are ways to cut the cost while still providing the best quality care. You do not want to skimp on important things like great veterinary care and quality food, but there are plenty of other ways to reduce the high cost of pet ownership.

Shop for Used Gear

You do not have to buy a brand new puppy crate to housetrain your new family member. The classifieds are filled with ads for used crates that can do the job just as well. The same is true of all kinds of pet equipment, from aquariums and terrariums to cat trees.

Buy Your Food in Bulk

If the warehouse club in your area carries the brand of pet food you buy, you can probably save enough to justify the cost of a membership. Buying in bulk is a great way to trim your pet food costs. You will need a secure way to store the food, but quality storage bins are usually quite inexpensive.

Sign Up for Loyalty Rewards

Many pet store chains offer discounts and even free merchandise for frequent shoppers. Signing up for the store’s loyalty reward card entitles you to those perks and helps you cut your pet food costs without downgrading to lesser quality brands.

Shop Online

From pet supplies to prescriptions, buying online can save you a lot of money. Many mail-order pharmacies can fill prescriptions for pet medications, often more much less than your vet charges. Toys and treats can also be much less costly when you buy online.

Invest in the Health of Your Pet

Good preventative care now can save you a fortune in vet bills down the road. Brushing your pet’s teeth once a week could save you hundreds of dollars and reduce stress for your pet. Feeding your pet a high quality food with great ingredients can prevent digestive problems and help you avoid costly a costly trip to the vet.